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Culture - Prambanan e

Located 13 km from the town of Klaten, heading west on the road to Yogyakarta and 17 km from Yogyakarta to the east on the road to the town of Klaten / Surakarta, or Prambanan Temple Jonggrang Rara is the largest Hindu temple in Central Java.Administratively, this temple complex is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Society calls this temple to temple Larajonggrang name, a label which is actually wrong. Rara in the Java language to describe girls. In folklore, known as Rara Jonggrang Ratubaka Prabhu's daughter whose name is immortalized as the name of the complex heritage buildings in the hills south Saragedug Prambanan.
Told in the story there is a giant named Bandung Bandawasa who have supernatural powers. He wanted to marry the daughter Rara Jonggrang. For that he should make a statue inside the temple with a thousand in one night. Demand is met by the Bandung Bandawasa, but Rara Jonggrang cheating so determined at the temple was not over, not a statue again. Bandung Bandawasa angry and cursed daughter Rara Jonggrang complement the thousandth statue. The statue is believed to be the statue that was in the booth Durgamahisasuramardhini north of Shiva Temple.
Prambanan temple complex has three pages, the first page berdenah square, is the most sacred page because the page there are 3 main temples (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma), three ancillary temples, 2 temples wedge, 4 temples color, 4 temples angle / pole The second page also berdenah square, situated lower than the first page. On this page there are 224 pieces of ancillary temples arranged on 4 rows with the proportions of 68, 60, 52, and 44 temples. The composition thus forming a concentric arrangement towards the center of the page.
Decorative arts are very interesting in the Prambanan temple complex are the ornaments in the form of relief statues of gods Lokapala (8 guardian deity of the wind direction) are engraved on the outer wall of the foot of the temple. In addition, there are also stories Ramayanadan Kresnayana relief. Ramayana reliefs carved on the wall of the balustrade of Brahma temple of Shiva in the temple. Kresnayana reliefs carved on the wall of the balustrade of Vishnu. In addition to relief Lokapala god statues, reliefs of the Ramayana, and Kresnayana, decorative arts at the Prambanan Temple complex that stands out is a common decorative motif is called Prambanan, which is an ornament to the shelf in the form of a lion temple is in a sitting position flanked by Kalpataru tree (= tree biodiversity / tree of life). Such ornaments are only available at Prambanan temple, so called Prambanan motifs. Other decorations that adorn many temple outer wall shelf is Kalpataru tree flanked by a pair of heavenly creatures, commonly called Kinara-Kinari (= being a human-headed bird-bodied). Around Prambanan temple can be visited also several Buddhist temples such as Sajiwan temple, temple Granary, temples and temple Plaosan Sewu. During the months of May through October during the full moon in the open plataran Prambanan Ramayana Ballet held starting at 19:00 to 21:00 pm.

Mount Dempo in South Sumatra

Gunung Dempo (3159 masl) is located in the border province of South Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces. To reach the nearest village, you first have to reach the city Pagar Alam, approximately 7 hours journey by road from Palembang. From the South Sumatra capital available to the many bus Pagar Alam. Or if you are from Jakarta, before riding the bus to Padang or Bengkulu majors, and fell in Lahat.Pagar Alam, indeed as the name suggests, the city is clearly surrounded by the Bukit Barisan mountain range and the highest of these ranks is the Mount Dempo. It's a beautiful mountain rises up to reach the distant blue sky when seen in the morning.Therefore, it is appropriate to first spend the night in this city, here are many available flights or motel, ranging from Rp. 20 000 a night. Cultural city that has been blended from a variety of both immigrants and native tribes to create the peace that you do not get in the big cities.Of terminal Pagar Alam, first chartered car / taxi to PTPN III majors Tea Factory which was about to reach 15 km from the terminal. In this plant a good idea to get acquainted with someone who used to be called Mr. Anton, he included the elder by nature lovers throughout South Sumatra, Lampung. By asking for help, chartered car will take you to the nearest village from the foot of Mount Dempo, which can take more than 20 minutes, because the road is quite steep, winding through the jungle with green tea.Pathway leading to the top of the mountain even this is very clear and even in a typical day were many villagers who deliberately climbed to the top of either wood or just to find berhiking.

Tea garden at Mount DempoAlthough the mountain is high enough, but there is clear water that is half way up the mountain so that the climbers did not have to worry about running out of drinking water during the trip. A crystal clear stream, flowing at the border of the forest we began to enter the sign of the forest area is overgrown with vegetation similar to that we found in the mountain-Pangrango Gede, the montane forest. The path is full of roots that cross, itself quite steep slope to sweat. There are no specific signs, the state forest is almost homogeneous and very quiet.Four or five hours later, we will enter a wooded area with low vegetation and the vegetation is low, some areas slightly open, the view became widespread. Gunung Dempo has only two peaks named Peak Fire. Dempo ahead of the first peak which is a massive plateau, the first peak of similar low overgrown shrubs. Of the first peak, we fall back to the valley is flanked by the first peak and the main peak. This valley there is a fountain flowing here. This crystal clear water only slightly sour taste, perhaps the influence of sulfur seepage.The main summit ascent is not too difficult. Slopes composed of gravel and boulders with kemitingan slope about 40 °, is stable enough to climb. The main peak of Mount Dempo (3158 m), is the crater of the volcano is still troubled with a diameter of about one hundred square meters. Quite a steep crater wall and could not descend without the ropes of rock. View from the top is quite exciting. In addition to suggesting specific crater, appears also terhamparan Bengkulu province in the Indian Ocean with a stretch of quiet and tranquil valley. The trip down takes only two hours. If too late you can stay in Dusuun VI, by first asking permission of the head of security there.


Panorama Falls waterfall Newbie

Water is called the waterfall Newbie tejun because, according to local stories in 1968 there was a young woman who put her child from the top of the waterfall, so the waterfall is called the waterfall Newbie. When viewed from this waterfall forms have two waterfall, which symbolizes the presence of a great mother and a small baby symbolizes the baby. Infant waterfall with a height of 45 M is already an object of Attraction and Tourism (hereinafter abbreviated ODTW) since 21 April 1996. Newbie waterfall is a kind of natural ODTW located in the village Cikandang Cikajang Garut district of West Java Province. Newbie waterfall itself is managed by PT. Plantation owned by PT Nusantara. Papandayan plantations. Operating time of this Newbie ODTW waterfall starts from 9:00 to 16:30 o'clock. This ODTW administrative boundaries as follows: North: Mount Papandayan South: Mount Geder West: Village Cikandang East: District Pamulihan Undoubtedly, the waterfall Newbie's most famous waterfall in Garut. This waterfall is not only frequently visited by local tourists, but also often become tourist destinations of the travelers who come from far away, like from Bandung and Jakarta. In fact, the first waterfall is so feared because it is believed to be dwelling spirits. Even after this waterfall open to the public, visitors are often possessed. Why is this waterfall waterfall named Newbie Apparently there is history. It is said that at some point in the waterfall is found of a baby who is still red after the birth of his parents discarded. Sibayi mother reportedly had a child feel ashamed of basil affair. The baby was eventually forced to thrown into the waterfall. Baby in Sundanese called 'babe'. Because there was found an 'infant', the community surrounding the waterfall was named as the waterfall Newbie. Waterfall located in the Village Newbie Cikandang, District Cikajang, Garut. It is located about 35 km from the City Main Page and can be reached by road Garut - Bungbulang. Eerie impression that once blanketed this waterfall, is now completely gone. Tourists can visit and bathe revelers at the waterfall area freely. The specialty of this waterfall is not just because of the height of the waterfall that reaches 20 meters, but also because in the water surrounding the waterfall flowing out from between the rock wall. The water is clear, actually comes from an underground river that flows through the stone wall. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, visitors can also enjoy fresh air in the vicinity. Mainly due to the surrounding waterfalls unfold Papandayan verdant tea plantations. To get to the waterfall Newbie, visitors can use the waterfall visitors a four wheeler or two takes about 1.5 hours from the City Main Page. But to get to the waterfall, visitors must first sengkedan down from the wall about 100 feet in length.